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Post  sneeky on Sat Nov 17, 2007 4:45 am

the whole point of a hunter is to spam concussive shot and wing clip. And to basically annoy your enemy.
First thing were going to look at is a pet a hunter's best weapon.
Most people like to go for the boar, Because it has charge stun.
But there are other alternatives. For example there is an ice bear with a slow effect.
And there is a creature in Wailing caverns that has a flame thrower effect.
But i wud generally go with the boar.

Twisted chanter staff.
10 intellect 6 stamina . speed 3.40 DPS 20.4
Easily the best hunter weapon for a twink. But you need skill to use it becasue it
means you cannot get caught in melee. Cost about 60g.

Taskmaster axe.
8 Stam 8 spirit. DPS 19.6 speed 2.70.
The 2nd best hunter weapon. Completly free because it drops in DM so good for people that arent prepared to spend to much. And decent if you get caught in melee.

Emberstone staff.
5 stam 8 intellect 5 spirit. dps 19.7 speed 3.00.
The 3rd best hunter weapon. Because a hunter with out a staff look like a retard who cant kite. But task master axe is better for hunter even if you do look like a reject. But emberstone staff is a staff and its free because it is drop in DM.

Ranged Weapons.
DPS 15.8 Chance on hit, 31 to 45 nature damage. 2.40 speed.
Easily the best ranged weapon. Highest DPS bow and chance on hit need +3 scop on it.

Outrunners Bow.
DPS 15.2 speed 2.40.
A pvp bow so compeltly free. and not that bad DPS.

There are only 2 decent bow's as a hunter. But there are obvisuly cheap options.

Hunter gear.
green tinted goggles/ lucky fishing hat.(8 agi or 100 hp or 8 int)
sentinels medalion.
talbar mantle/serpent shoulders
sentry cloak (3 agi)
tunic of westfall (+4 stats)
forest leather bracer's (9 stam)
gloves of the fang (15 agi)
blackend defias belt
scouting pants of the monkey (50 AP 12 crit rating/40 stam 12 agi)
nat pagles extreme anglin boots/feet of lynx (7 agi / 7 stam or (at pagles extreme anglin boots only) boar/cat swiftness or 12 agi.
Seal of wrynn.
Protectors band.
Arena grand master.
Arena grand master.

In my opnion the best hunter twink spec is marksmanship
go 5/5 in lethal shots.
and 5/5 in improved concussive shot.


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